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"A new you begins with a new conversation."
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I was faced with fear, shame, and embarassment on a daily basis.  It was either let it win, or fight.  Today my goal is to chase it out of the lives of those that cross my path. Life is not meant to be feared, fear is meant to be confronted.

Artur Katny

Engineer -- Trader --  Author -- Advisor
Founder & Chief Operations Officer
Matrix Investments, Inc.
"Never stop searching for solutions."

Do you want to play a little game?


What have you always wanted to do, but been too afraid to try?

 I believe that what any one of us understands, everyone of us is capable of understanding. If it can’t be proven reasonably, it’s a waste of thinking power.  Why is it a waste of thinking power?  Because it’s a powerless belief, or to put another way, a limiting belief.  Why limit yourself?  Why not try and explore new boundaries?  Maybe we can understand something if we try?  How could we understand something we currently don’t, maybe even believe we can’t, without ever trying?  Believing we can’t is fine, if you first try to “can” in every way possible.  Then you can tell me we can’t and why we can’t.  Saying we can’t just because is pure nonsense.  We learn new things that we can every day.      
Why do we hate on positive thinking?  Because by itself, it isn't enough.  Positive thinking is like a spark plug to your engine, if you don't start up or have any gas, you're not going anywhere.  Every time you decide to think positively, despite the negativity around you, or the negative circumstances you are currently in, you build a bigger gas tank.  The gas is your positive momentum.

I'm educated as a mechanical engineer.  I spent several years in the industry in design, product development, and project management roles.  After needing to make a change I concentrated on finance and futures trading.  However, in order to conquer my personal demons I had to force myself to face my fear.  So I did what anyone would do and became a dance instructor.  What facing my fear, along with learning all about people, has given me, are the final pieces I needed to overcome my own limitations.


You are the goal.

My pledge to you is to be 100% open, honest, and authentic in everything I say and write.
Integrity is more than just being truthful.  Integrity is fundamental toward personal growth and change.
Life is infinitely simpler than what we make it out to be. The simplicity is so obvious and so clear, that we don't even see it. Yet something as simple as a word has the power to invoke a feeling such as love. Words are choices and they're crucial. They are the backbone to what you call your life.

I hate obvious sales plugs, but there is no other way to say it, my book is meant to explain the disconnect we all have to the language we use.  We don't say what we mean and we don't hear what is said, therefore never leaving room for reality to sneak into the conversation.  It's about time we wised up.