Riddle me this... 

List of Winners:

So far a few have the right idea. Step 1 has nothing to do with math. I will update the prize pool and list of winners here, as they become available.

"How does 10,012 equal 1?"

Ground Rules: (FAQ's & common initial attempts)

  1. This is not a math question, the math is easy. This is a relationship question. Identify the lie.
  2. Every "0", "1", and "2" is like a character in the story, it is eaither positive, or negative.
  3. Relationships are all about communication, the balance in mathematics comes from having addition and subtraction, or multiplication and division. You can not have one without the other. Do not mix, use either add/sub or mult/div.
  4. It is the way it is. It is also the way it is not. The numbers must stay in order. 10012=1. Do not add numbers that are not there (i.e. dividing by itself, etc). Any number divided by itself is one. 
  5. Though I've received some very clever answers, there is a relationship solution, one based in simple reasoning. Although the number may represent zip codes and hours on a clock, let's try to stay within the bounds of the problem. I love clever responses however, keep them coming.

Good luck!