Find your sense of self.
Listed below are the four areas I specialize in. 
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  1. Inter-personal
    Why do we experience things like depression, anxiety, stress, worry, fear? We all have our reasons, but the main culprit is that we're not here. Our mind is either in the past (recalling past pain) or in the future (worried about what if). All it takes is understanding fully what is, and what is not in your control.
  2. Financial
    Financial success will come once you let go of needing to be financially successful. In other words, money is a byproduct of something else. The marketplace, business, money exchanging hands... it's all underwritten by something with all the value. "It's all about who you know, not what you know." In other words, it's all about building relationships, including the one between you and money.
  3. Business
    Is your market share slipping? Are you lacking good marketing ideas for your business? Reach your customers with a genuine, simple, helpful message. Give your business the best chance to succeed with simple, effective communication.
  4. Family/Relationships
    Relationships are at the heart of our lives. How we relate to others and the opinion we form of ourselves as a result, has a tremendous impact on how we go about our relationships. The key to authentic relationships is genuine communication."
You Know You Want It
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